Extended Basic Skills

The Extended Basic Skills is a preparation for technical diving as well as just continuous dive training for the serious diver. We have chosen to add extensive theory and dive training which distinguish us from other organizations, where extensive theory comes in much later.

After passing the course, the student is able to:

  • Configure and use equipment for technical diving according to SwedTech Diving equipment configuration
  • Handle and use an extra stage cylinder with bottom gas
  • Plan and execute dives with Nitrox as a bottom mix
  • Plan dives that require Nitrox or Oxygen for accelerated decompression
  • Plan dives that require helium-based bottom mixes for lower equivalent narcotic depth
  • Understand and plan overhead dives, both in physical overhead environments and with decompression stops which create an artificial ceiling
  • Solve the common equipment problems which can arise when diving with technical diving equipment
  • Solve a problem of gas loss and prevent a serious gas loss
  • Use several different swimming techniques to manoeuvre forward, backward and during turns
  • Show excellent buoyancy control, both during the bottom phase of the dives and during the ascent
  • Understand and use the advantages of diving in a well-balanced team

Course outlines

The course consist of four parts, with the deep dive as an extra.

  • Theory
  • Problem solving and team diving
  • Handling a stage cylinder
  • Deep dive

The course can be divided in to four separate parts or be taught as one course. To reach certification for Extended Basic Skills all parts except the deep dive must be finished. If all four parts, including the deep dive, the student will be certified as Extended Basic Skills +.

The course can be done using single cylinder, twinset or rebreather.

The student should have at least 10 hours of practical dive training in the water.

The student should have at least 10 hours of theory and briefings.

The course can be taught in ocean, sea or sea like environment.


  • Maximum depth during dive two and three is 30 meters
  • Maximum depth during dive four is 40 meters
  • Maximum PO2 is 1.4 bar
  • Maximum END 30 meters
  • No physical overhead diving
  • Maximum three students per instructor during the practical training in the water


  • The student must be at least 18 years old
  • The student must be certified as SwedTech Scuba Diver or equivalent
  • The student must have proof of at least 50 dives
  • The student must be in excellent health


Theory Gas planning based on decompression, backup plans etc.
Swimming Technique Swimming techniques, team diving and problem solving that makes you a sharp diver.
Stage Workshop When used correctly, a stage cylinder gives you more dive time with greater gas reserves. Here you get serious training.
Extended Basic Skills + Training for deep dives. With Trimix for the best experience.

What our students said about us

I have 3 * CMAS and divemaster courses to start with, have done some PADI courses including Nitrox, marine biology and UV photo. I came into a period when I thought about quit diving, so the question was whether I should stop or continue with my diving. The choice was to go ahead with SwedTech Diving and an EBS course, and now this autumn to continue with Wreck and Tech courses. I decided on SwedTech Diving partly because I have some friends who attended courses and been satisfied, and that you get a solid education from the ground up with an understanding of stage management, deep dives etc. Appreciate also forms of education by scenarios.

Anne Larsson Lidköping