About Us

2003 SwedTech Diving started as a company. The goal was to create a more well thought through diving education for the diver that wanted the most of his diving.
The first courses was Intro to Tech, Technical Diver and Wreck Diver. Already here the type of dive training that we in SwedTech Diving calls scenario training was created. This allowed for a more relevant way of training skills.

2005 the first course material were ready to be used. The material got the name "Teknisk dykning på ren svenska" or translated to English "Technical diving in plain Swedish". The reason behind the name is that it was the first material about technical diving written from the ground and up in Swedish. The material has later been translated to English and is named "The Basic Skills of Technical Diving". Today the number of materials has increased in numbers but we keep it simple and relevant.

2008 we made the first own certificates. By now the course selection starts to resemble what we see today.

2010 the first SwedTech Diving instructors were certified apart from it's founder Michael Bergström. During this year the number of instructors went from 1 to 10.

2013 is the year when the course selection reaches from recreational education to advanced diving in wrecks, caves, mines and using rebreathers.

2014 and we're going international! We've been teaching courses in many parts of the world already but this year we got two instructors based in Malta. During 2015 the number of instructors will increase even more, both in Sweden and internationally.

2019 opens up for new opportunities. This year SwedTech Diving will show it's strenght by going its own way for delivering dive training with relevance, safety and joy as goal.

The trip that started in 2003 has given us that is working with the concept an incredible amount of knowledge during the years. This knowledge we take with us to make dive training even more accessible and easier to absorb as a student. The hard is not necessarily difficult.