Mixed Gas Blender

This is a course where you learn how to mix breathing gas such as Nitrox and Trimix, and learn how to Oxygen clean your equipment.

We review the most common gases and their properties and how they are used when diving. We also go through what you have to consider when handling equipment with pure oxygen. After the course, you have a thorough knowledge of the gas properties and how to make various gas mixes and how to configure and use your scuba gear with pure oxygen. The course entitles you to fill the gas on your own, as well as inspect and oxygen clean your own equipment.

During the course, theory and practical exercises are interspersed. Students will mix both Nitrox and Trimix, oxygen clean and adjust your scuba gear.

Goal with the course

After completing the course the student will have good knowledge regarding the gases characteristics, how to mix different gases and how to adapt your diving equipment for use with pure oxygen. The course allows the student to fill and mix gas on their own and to inspect and adapt their equipment for use with oxygen that they have the qualifications to service.

After passing the course, the student is able to:

  • Independantly be able to assess the diving equipments suitability for use with pure oxygen
  • Independantly inspect and adapt equipment for use with oxygen that they have qualifications to service 
  • Independantly plan and perform all types of gas fills according to the partial filling method

Theoretical skills

  • Gases and gas laws
  • Different breathing gases contents (Nitrox, Trimix, Heliair)
  • Industry Standards and practices
  • Common materials and their compatibility with oxygen
  • Understand different kind of gas filling facilities
  • Calculate different gas mixes

Practical skills

  • Inspection and oxygen filling
  • How to operate different kinds of gas filling facilities
  • Filling using partial pressure, different kinds of breathing gases

Course outlines

The course is usually held over a whole day, alternatively it can be held over multiple occasions after an agreement with the instructor. Normally the course takes 8 hours with four students, of this time about 50% is spent with practical exercises in a workshop environment, where the students will perform oxygen filling, analysing, inspection and filling of different breathing gases.


  • 18 year old and diver