Good Samaritan

The course SwedTech Diving Good Samaritan is primarily a continuation to the rescue course, but also offers knowledge important to the surface support at the dive sites.

In essence, the Good Samaritan is a well thought out first aid training for emergency action, such as heavy bleeding or cardiac arrest, which is why this course should be of interest to anyone who wants to learn first aid and CPR.

Goal with the course

The student should be able to handle and perform practical situations concerning L-ABC by using check lists.

The student should also able to perform CPR and to use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) according to AHA, ERC and ILCOR, and be able to perform the routines to clear blocked airways and stable recovery position.

After passing the course, the student is able to:

Handle an emergency according to:

  • L - Life threatening situation
  • A - Airways
  • B - Bleeding
  • C – Circulatory system / Shock

After passing the course, the student should have knowledge about:

  • Laws and rules
  • Health
  • Diseases
  • Incidents
  • Maritime hazards
  • Oxygen treatment
  • Pressure and decompression related injuries


  • 15 years old