Extended Range Technical Diver

Extended Range Technical Diver focuses more on dive planning and team diving to improve safety, knowledge and awareness.

This course will also guide you to refine your technical diving skills, the knowledge and training you received in Technical Diver.  This course, not only gives you the opportunity to increase the depth but also the range of your dive in the form of increased dive time.  The use of extra cylinders with  bottom gas will allow you to extend your bottom time in a safe and responsible manner.

This course is target based. This means that the dive training varies depending on what the specific target needs.

After passing the course, the student is able to:

  • Configure and use equipment for technical diving according to SwedTech Diving equipment configuration
  • Plan and conduct dives that require Trimix, Nitrox or Oxygen for accelerated decompression
  • Plan and conduct dives that require hypoxic helium-based bottom mixes for lower equivalent narcotic depth
  • Understand and plan overhead dives, both in physical overhead environment and with decompression stops which create artificial ceilings
  • Solve multiple equipment problems which can occur when diving with technical diving equipment 
  • Solve problems during diving using backup plans
  • Solve a problem of gas loss and prevent a serious gas loss
  • Simultaneously use several different swimming techniques to manoeuvre forward, backward and during turns
  • Understand and use the advantages of diving in a well-balanced team

Course outlines

  • The student should have at least 10 hours of dive training in the water
  • The course can be taught in ocean, sea or sea like environment
  • At least two of the dives should be to a depth of between 70-90 meters
  • The student should have at least 10 hours of theory and briefings


  • Maximum PO2 for bottom gases is 1.4 bar
  • Maximum PO2 for decompression gases are 1.6 bar
  • Maximum Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END) during the course is 30 meters
  • Maximum depth during the course is 90 meters
  • Maximum three students per instructor during the practical training in the water


  • The student must be at least 20 years old
  • The student must be in excellent health
  • Have passed the Technical Diver course or equivalent with other organisation
  • Have proof of at least 30 dives at Technical Diver level