Education philosophy

SwedTech Divings goal is to create divers that are aware of the risks of diving, but also understand that with the right training everything is usually possible.

What is a good dive course? What is the best course setup? What should the student expect from a dive course? Probably these questions have as many answers as there are instructors and students.

There are many ways to learn how to dive, and to invent a concept that is suitable for all divers in all environments is impossible. That's precisely why the emergence of a new educational organization with new ideas and procedures in diving education.

Dive training has for years been ruled by large organizations. The disadvantage of a large organization is that change occurs slowly. A small organization can quickly update course outlines and can thus develop more rapidly for the better. The advantage of a large organization is that they are known worldwide and represent a sort of guarantee that when the student presents his certificate the student has all the knowledge needed to dive.

Or is it so?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify that all diving is conducted according to the standards that are set for the various courses. SwedTech Diving is working hard to have a functioning quality assurance.

There are many lesson plans that seem similar to each other, but when they appear in a little more detail they may differ, which ultimately leads to inconsistent results. SwedTech Diving strive to constantly update and improve the courses.

SwedTech Diving educates primarily technical divers, but believes that all diving should be treated with respect.

The big differences in the various dives we do is the time it takes or the circumstances we have before we can break the surface and breathe air. Advanced diving often have multiple factors that prevent a direct assent, which leads to that any problems that arise must be resolved on the spot. Today’s experience in diving and diving training has given us a big tool box to pour good solutions out of. But good solutions need to be trained and worn in to give a successful result.

A good dive course will be built around simple but effective procedures where the handling of equipment, dive planning and dive training should merge. If good protocol are followed and are well-rehearsed, they will enrich the diving both experientially and securely.

SwedTech Diving has standard course outlines for each course, but courses can be tailored according to the students' wishes and ability to be stretched to include more. A more comprehensive approach obviously requires more time and resources.

But the important thing is that you as students will learn what you came here for.