Conditions for course bookings


SwedTech Diving is a training organization that provides a foundation and tools for independent instructors to market and educate students within our concept. We as organization enable this by support in marketing courses, helping with administration though out the entire process, securing quality over time and to undertake instructor certifications. Moreover, it is only possible for the student/client to book himselfself on a course, this because all the information is personal and that conditions must  be approved by himself. If you want to book with a team on a course, everyone needs to book themselves.


The total fee for a course consists of different parts. Some accruing to us as an organization, and another part goes to the instructor for the job that he performs. Additional fees may also apply in certain cases, which may involve travel, accommodation, entry to sites etc., this is usually the instructor's responsibility to convey. It shall always be clear before each course and occasion what the total charges will be, the VAT rate should also be indicated. An administration fee of 750 SEK always applies for each course to SwedTech Diving at time of booking through our website. This fee is designated to manage and maintain student registers, and to make and send out certificates after completing the course

Cancellation of a course

Cancellation of a course must be done as soon as possible to you instructor, and it is his responsibility of how/if the fee is refunded for the course and possible additional expenses. The administration fee for SwedTech Diving is normally not refunded unless there are special circumstances such as sickness when a doctors' note needs to be presented. It is however possible for a student to use the administration fee within a year. It may not be transferred to another person.

SwedTech Divings responsibility

As an organization we are responsible to provide a web site where instructors can market their courses, for the students to read about and book themselves on courses and to buy course materials. We are responsible for the booking process through the web site and the storing of the information. We are also responsible to manufacture certificates and to send them to the certified student.

Instructors responibility

It is the instructors responsibility to publish every course with accompanying information about what applies and what the total costs are. The instructor is also responsible to inform the student/customer about changes that may alter the course and/or the price in any way. When a student is certified it is the instructors responsibility to contact SwedTech Diving for a certificate to be made and sent out. There are also a many other course specific responsibilities for the instructor, which are covered in more depth in our course standards.

Students/customers responsibility

It is the students/customers responsibility to have read though and understood these conditions, if anything is unclear SwedTech Diving must be contacted. It is also the students/customers responsibility to have read though and understood all information regarding the course in question. When registering it is the students/customers responsibility to make sure that the correct personal information is entered before the beginning of the course.